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Compelling Content. Flawless Code.

DataCulture makes business easier and more profitable

by creating the software and content we use every day.



We provide everything you need to succeed online and in the public eye. We build brands from the ground up through authentic story development, beautiful front end design and content that achieves business goals.


We build full stack web, iOS and Android apps utilizing Agile/Scrum methodology with emphasis on transparency and business value at all levels - mindful of user experience and design beauty and simplicity. 



We work with you to create custom solutions to your most difficult challenges.

Efficient. Transparent. Strategic.


John Cogswell

President 2016

We created the Cogswell brand - colors, logo, images, web site and content - on a short timeline on time and under budget for John's  announcement on July 4, 2015.


World's Smartest Dog Collar

Calling all Dog Lovers
With WÜF's "Smartphone for Dogs", say hello to the Connected Canine.

Midwest Radon Supplies

Midwest Radon Supplies Website Re-boot and Turbo Charge

Meet The Team

Kyle Eason

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Co-Founder and CMO

Kyle creates brands that inspire wonder, tells stories that move the needle, and connects his team to friends and opportunities around the world. He'll help you achieve clarity, break through the noise, grow credibility and reach higher faster through his network. Good stories are magic. Kyle tells your story.

Chad Brewbaker

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Co-Founder and CTO

Chad is a highly trained and naturally gifted mathematician and software architect. Attuned to business and a software craftsman, Chad will not rest until your code is proven to be effective, robust, elegant and responsive. If math is the language of the universe, Chad is a native speaker. 

 Flawless Code

  • DataCulture LLC generates immediate business value with modern functional programming techniques and on demand APIs for compute intensive jobs like matrix-matrix multiply, SAT/SMT, and molecular dynamics.

  • We help business analysts simplify complex business rules through formal specification, “Test Driven Development". This process teases out nagging corner cases before you incur costly developer rework.

  • We help you retain and attract software professionals that care about their craftsmanship - sure to lower stress levels by raising confidence in your software systems.

  • We make it possible to evolve your software infrastructure into loosely coupled components that can tolerate failures and scale to millions of tasks. We are enthusiastic about platforms like AWS Lambda and Mesos that allow developers to rapidly iterate on enterprise scale components and stop anthropomorphizing costly servers.

  • Use precise data types to eliminate entire classes of bugs and simplify your test automation. Let us show you how Elm (Javascript), Scala/Frege(JVM), and Haskell(Native) can save your team hours of debugging by giving rapid feedback.


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Des Moines, Iowa | Denver, Colorado

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